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Now available in Paperback and eBook formats

Paperback and eBook formats

Delighted to announce a Flash Fiction story I wrote was chosen for the Short-Édition Calgary Public Library's website. "The Cat's Side of the Story" is suitable for all ages.

This had been a lengthy journey and a wonderful experience. Heartfelt thanks to everyone who read and commented. In fact, the sequel was written as the direct result of reader feedback like "I thoroughly enjoyed the book but could only give it 4 stars because I didn't like the ending."

Collage of Book Covers by Lynda French

To help with the production of these books I'd like to acknowledge assistance from:

  • The Draft 2 Digital aggregator which made everything easy.
  • Calgary Public Library online courses:
    • "The Keys to Effective Editing", instructor Jacquelyn Landis
    • "Publish and Sell your EBooks", instructor Linda Aksomitis
  • The Hemingway Editor, an app to help expose a surfeit of adverbs.
  • And the easy-to-use Universal Book Link from Books 2 Read

Finally, on a personal note: sincere thanks to my Aunt Nessa Mackenzie in Scotland (born Agnes Taylor in August 1927) for inspiring me to complete the novel. I appreciate her encouragement so much, and have dedicated this book to her.

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