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The Murderous Moves Duology by Lynda French book cover
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includes both "The Trans-Canada Killer"
and its sequel "What Happened Next"

Book One - a standalone novel
The Trans-Canada Killer by Lynda French book cover
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What readers said about "The Trans-Canada Killer":
"I was shocked by the ending... that made it a great book." ~ D.C.
"It was hard to put down...the ending was a total surprise." ~ J.S

How did the brutal killer of seven women elude capture while travelling Canada's country-wide highway? Set in 1980 this novel explores how a household mover of murderous intent could evade detection.

Book Two - not a standalone
What Happened Next by Lynda French book cover
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What readers said about "What Happened Next":
"It's great! very believable and thought provoking." ~ D.H.
"Wraps things up nicely!" ~ S.S.

Pamela, Dale, and Gerry reunite and try to unravel the mystery of the Trans-Canada Killer. New facts from a True Crime article prompts their memories and brings unwelcome revelations. There's a lot at stake as we learn "What Happened Next".